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This Is A Folding Electric Bicycle That Can Be Powered By Itself.
Sep 01, 2017

Now on the Kickstarter, there is such a Vello bike+ light folding electric bicycle, which not only can be folded easy to carry, but also for their own recharge, very convenient. Vello bike+ can provide a good convenience for fast-paced urban life, it can not be carried around, but also in the case of no need to connect the power, in the ride "themselves to recharge themselves."

Vello Bike+ uses a unique kers kinetic energy recovery System, which, in the course of riding, converts braking and mechanical energies into electricity, something similar to Toyota's hybrid system. Through this technology, Vello bike+ built-in integrated motor and battery to keep the charge state uninterrupted. The rate of charge depends on the frequency of cyclists ' pedals and the slope of the road.

Vello bike+ can reach a maximum speed of 25 km/h, with a maximum mileage of 35 km. If there is no electricity, you can also immediately through the manual ride to recharge the battery, and the charging time depends on speed, acceleration, road slope and other factors.

At present, this Vello bike+ folding electric bicycle has begun to Kickstarter on the public, early bird price of 1599 euros (about 11944 yuan), if all goes well, is expected to ship next January. If you're a person who often uses bicycles as a means of transportation or commuting, take a look at this ultralight Vello bike+ portable folding electric bike.