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Adhere To Green Travel, Encourage Environmental Protection
Sep 27, 2017

In order to carry out the development concept of "innovation, coordination, green, openness and sharing", we should encourage people to pay more attention to and choose the public bicycles with low energy consumption, low pollution and low emissions, and the city launched Liuyang "9·22" green travel activities on September 22. Unlike in previous years, the "cockroach bike", which settled in Liuyang this year, has joined the event.

The increasingly developed automobile industry, while bringing convenience to people, will inevitably lead to waste of resources, air pollution, noise pollution, traffic tension and many other problems. Because of this, the people who suffer from the automobile have been the first to put forward the slogan of "No car in the city", and the world was born "no Vehicle Day". This also gives people the experience to try new ideas, that is, let people reflect on whether there is a car life is the real high quality, how to enjoy modern life more healthy, how to create a better living space for future generations.

In recent years, our city has been strengthening the construction of pedestrian, bicycle transportation system, through encouraging green travel, promoting energy-saving and emission reduction work in the traffic field of our city, guiding the transformation of traffic development mode, building a green transportation system and enhancing the sustainable development ability of the city, more and more people fall in love with What the relevant government departments should do is not only to call on the public to put down the car's green travel, but also to practise it, and to provide more convenient conditions for the citizens to travel green.

We call for green travel and expect more people to become real "cyclists". If one day, the vast majority of people have no longer the car as the main means of transport, work or go out shopping can voluntarily put down the car, the bicycle as the preferred means of transportation, green travel is truly a permanent city landscape.