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Electric Motorcycle Gogoro Will Join Sumitomo Group To Enter The Japanese Market
Sep 29, 2017

According to foreign media reports, the first appearance in 2015 CES electric motorcycle Gogoro recently gained a new $300 million investment. It looks as if the company is going to make a new breakthrough and has learned that Gogoro has announced the news that it will join the Japanese company's Sumitomo Sumitomo. This means that Gogoro electric motorcycles will soon arrive in Japan.

It is understood that Gogoro and Sumitomo will jointly launch a motorcycle sharing service called Goshare, which is expected to start in November this year, the first to stay at the tourist resort-Ishigaki, next year will enter more cities.

Prior to Japan, Gogoro had also launched an electric scooter rental service in Berlin and Paris, but it was different from the Goshare service in the Japanese market, which would also include battery replacement stations, and a small difference in the business model between the two. Gogoro also said the battery stations will likely support a compact four-wheeled vehicle and other applications in the future.