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What Is An Electric Balance Scooter
Sep 04, 2017

Electric balance scooter is also called intelligent balance scooter, body feel scooter, thinking scooter, camera, is a popular sport and entertainment equipment by consumers.

Its working principle is mainly to use the inverted pendulum principle to maintain its own dynamic balance, using the inside of the car body gyroscope and accelerometer, real-time detection of the body posture change, and the use of servo control system, accurately drive the motor to adjust accordingly, in order to maintain the balance of the system.

Electric balance scooter mainly has a single wheel and two rounds of two major categories.

Because the electric balance scooter relies entirely on the movement of the driver's center of gravity to achieve acceleration and deceleration, if the speed exceeds the maximum limit, the vehicle needs to rely on the seesaw to force the driver's center of gravity to move, so as to achieve the goal of deceleration, during which the driver may not adapt to the center of gravity suddenly move, prone to a fall injury accident.