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Whether The State Or The Local Government Shares The Bike, It Will Eventually Be Supervised.
Aug 25, 2017

April 25, Hangzhou Municipal Bureau of Transportation, Urban Management Committee, Municipal Public Security Bureau, the scenic Area Management Committee and other 4 units jointly issued the "51" period in Hangzhou, "the issue of non-motor vehicles," the announcement, decided from April 29 0 o'clock to May 1 24 o'clock period, the implementation of some roads, areas of temporary management measures, the establishment of "four strict" sections and areas. This is the first management specification for shared bicycles in Hangzhou.

The second management specification is then reached. April 26, Hangzhou issued "Hangzhou City to promote the development of Internet rental bicycle guidance (trial)" (draft), a total of 11. According to the draft, Hangzhou for the Internet bicycle, the guiding ideology is "the government norms guidance, the Enterprise marketization operation", does not have the strict entry threshold, but requests each vehicle to have the accurate satellite localization, does not implement the total quantity control, by the market own resources disposition; Operation and maintenance, requires 1 people to maintain every 80 vehicles, vehicles 3 years must be updated. At the same time, minors under the age of 12 are prohibited from cycling.

May 22, the Ministry of Transport issued the guidance on encouraging and standardizing the development of the Internet rental Bicycle (draft), from the national level on the "shared-cycle" development of the positioning and norms. Regarding standardizing the operation of the enterprise, soliciting the draft request to implement the real-name registration and use of the shared bicycles, prohibiting the provision of services to children under 12 years of age, and the purchase of personal accident injury and third party liability insurance for users. This is the first state-level guidance for the shared cycling industry.