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Happiness--the Key To The Success Of New-day Electric Cars Based On Market
Aug 21, 2017

National Electric vehicle brand New Day electric vehicle thinks, the happiness is the consumer rides the new Day electric vehicle, feels relaxed joyful, the comfortable freedom, the malfunction is few, is not easy to be bad, does not have the trouble, to the high quality product satisfies the high quality experience, brings the full happiness feeling to the consumer.

As the first domestic electric vehicle industry to land a A-share motherboard listed enterprises, the new day more than 10 years has been adhering to the scientific and technological innovation and quality services, and constantly develop and manufacture to let consumers have a sense of well-being of the car products. Especially in the process design, the new day through the introduction of the world's top design concepts, and with the international well-known design team to carry out in-depth cooperation, the introduction of a more bold avantgarde appearance design, for the product into a more stylish sense, quality of the soul.

The March 2017 Tianjin exhibition, the new day with 2017 flagship car Miku Max unveiled, its product design, structure, materials, manufacturing, technology and other aspects of the new upgrade, not only greatly improve the performance of the advantages, breakthrough 3C design and suspension design, but also unprecedented will be stylish and beautiful to achieve the ultimate, coupled with a richer, more advanced intelligent functions, will undoubtedly give the vast number of consumers with unparalleled ride experience.

As the new Day electric car spokesman, President of the Office of the director Chen Kaiya said, "The future, electric bicycles will no longer be cold travel tools, human, intelligent development will make them more understand you, warmer, more happy life partner." The new day will continue to carry forward the craftsmen will be God, to create higher quality products, to provide better service, for consumers to create more happy products, return to ride fun. ”