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Electric Bicycle Battery Purchase Points
Jul 25, 2017

AGM batteries have the advantages of low cost and large discharge current, but there are defects in the working temperature range, the battery is easy to lose water and heat out of control; and GEL batteries are high cost, but with stable performance, wide operating temperature range, Charge over discharge, long life and so on.

As the electric bicycle battery in most cases are high current, deep cycle discharge, therefore, electric bicycle battery is more suitable for the use of colloidal batteries. Colloidal battery has a strong resistance to over discharge capacity and strong electrohydraulic storage capacity, to avoid the impact of overdischarge on the battery, and due to battery water loss caused by thermal runaway phenomenon.

Various brands of lead-acid battery charging characteristics are basically the same, but because the manufacturers of battery material formula, electrolyte concentration and content are different, the charging voltage is also a certain difference, therefore, strictly speaking, should be based on the battery production plant Given the specific requirements to determine the battery charging voltage program, otherwise likely to cause improper use of the battery.

Electric bicycle motor output power to match the rated power of the battery, so in order to extend the battery life, electric bicycle motor power should be less than the rated power of the battery, to avoid long-term battery full load or overload conditions.