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European Union Launches New Edition Electric Bicycle Standard
Aug 22, 2017

China is an electric bicycle export power, exports 3.925 million units in 2016, of which the EU exports 2.209 million units, accounting for 56.3%. The latest news, however, is that many of the country's electric bicycle companies are worried – in August 2017, the European Union released its new standard EN 15194-2017, which will be officially implemented on February 28, 2019, when its electric bicycle exports to the EU must meet the standards.

It is reported that the new standard to improve the overall safety components of the strength of the requirements of the key parts such as frame, fork, handlebar and other strength and durability of the more stringent requirements, export enterprises face severe challenges.

Kunshan to create China's first national export bicycle quality demonstration zone, electric bicycle export has steadily increased. Jiangsu Kunshan Inspection and Quarantine bureau approved by AQSIQ, set up technical trade measures to notify the research base, help enterprises to resolve technical barriers to trade, improve product quality and core competitiveness.

Inspection and quarantine experts pointed out that for China Electric bicycle Enterprises, the productivity has a certain advantage, but the technology is still relatively weak, to the long-term survival and development in the European market, we must continuously improve the technical level of products, timely attention to market dynamics, adapt to market development needs, and proactively face challenges.

Since the release of the new EU standards, the Kunshan Bureau of Inspection and quarantine experts actively in-depth Jie te, Yao Ma, the world equivalent to the European electric Bicycle Enterprise research, to take a variety of measures to assist enterprises in the face of technical regulations upgrade. On the one hand, strengthen publicity, so that enterprises timely understanding of the changes in standards, in advance to prepare the response measures; On the other hand, good technical personnel training, reminding enterprises to improve product design requirements, improve raw material inspection standards, from the source of good quality.