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The Main Configuration Of Electric Vehicle Manufacturers To Analyze Folding Electric Bikes
Sep 07, 2017

Folding Electric bicycle is actually a kind of super light electric bike, but it is different from the General Electric bike, its unique place lies in the product small size, foldable, exquisite design, excellent material and excellent manufacturing process. Making materials using magnesium alloy and other special lightweight materials made of extremely light weight.

Energy-saving and environmental protection, scalable folding, rapid disassembly, the challenge of "blocking the city", driving an outing fashion partner environment-friendly lithium-ion, liquid crystal meters, compass and other high-end configuration, holiday gifts new choice.

Folding electric vehicles, commonly used in the frame material is magnesium aluminum alloy, this material frame life long, do not worry about rust, but also to ensure sufficient strength.In order to meet the needs of people to travel short distances to meet the demand for the last kilometer of public transport, more and more means of transportation are now people's lives, such as electric motorcycles, folding electric bicycles, electric scooters, balance cars and other new products.

Folding electric bike: The main configuration of the use of liquid crystal 5 torque Shift, 36V10.4A Samsung Lithium Battery (up to 45 km), 350W brushless Motor drive motor (up to 30 km/h), disc brakes before and after, GPS positioning system, micro-letter search vehicles, the whole vehicle molding, the use of magnesium alloy materials, Aluminum alloy pedal and so on.

Stacked electric vehicles take the lead in the use of lithium-ion batteries and aviation aluminum pressure materials, the exclusive performance of more superior electric vehicles, durable, lightweight and flexible, fast charge, long life, energy saving and environmental protection. Suitable for work, school, shopping, travel, fitness and other leisure travel, effectively solve the problem of urban traffic congestion. To make our city traffic unobstructed, we must make our transportation miniaturization, convenience, diversification.