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Folding Electric Used In Winter To Prevent The Three Factors
Aug 31, 2017

1. Power Killer: Low temperature

Winter comes, many folding electric vehicle users will find the battery power drops, mistakenly think is a battery problem, in fact, this is a common phenomenon. At present, the general use of lead-acid batteries, electricity will decrease with the temperature drop. Due to the low temperature in winter, the battery can not be fully discharged, the general battery power will drop about 40%, poor quality of the battery will drop more.

Professionals suggest that the use of folding electric vehicles in the winter should be appropriate to increase the number of charges, each charge time is best not more than 10 hours. In addition, we should pay attention to save electricity during the course of driving. Enter the taxi ahead of the traffic light and minimize the brakes. In the downhill on the way can also be early power outages, deceleration glide.

2. Warm killer: The Wind

As the weather gets colder, the morning and evening travel and folding electric cars become very cold. For this reason, many consumers choose to buy a style of the wind to protect the cold. The original intention is good, but not safe. This kind of wind is the rider's upper body and handlebar at the same time bound, once the sudden situation or fall, the arms can not stretch freely, it is easy to accident. And the feet are also tied, the need for emergency braking, the feet can not be in time to pull out of the ground, or even be caught by the wind to the risk of rollover. At present, many such accidents have occurred.

Professional advice: Winter travel safety is the most important, the wind is warm, but there are great security risks. When traveling, can wear several clothes to keep warm, if meets the heavy wind snow weather, may take the public transportation to travel. Do not for the sake of temporary warmth, ruin the safety of life.

3. Stealth killer: Long Scarf

Winter, many beauty lady will be around the long scarf travel, not only can cold, also can be used as clothing accessories. However, it is such a long scarf, there are security risks. In the course of the ride, the scarf spreads out and the long scarf may be involved in folding the electric car back wheel at any time. In addition, the past vehicles and pedestrians are also easy to pull the scarf, dangerous.