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Express Electric Tricycle Driving Speed Will Be Restricted
Aug 28, 2017

The streets through the courier busy figure, in addition to the people shopping, delivery brings great convenience, but also caused a series of urban road traffic management problems. In order to catch the time to disregard the traffic safety reverse driving, red light and other behavior is very easy to cause traffic accidents, in addition, express special vehicles themselves also exist security risks.

To solicit the draft provisions, Business Express business Enterprises should strengthen the road traffic safety training for their employees. Courier practitioners should abide by the provisions of laws and regulations on road traffic safety, according to the operating norms of safe, civilized driving vehicles. In addition, the draft is clear, the courier practitioners due to the implementation of the task of causing damage to others, the courier business is owned by the business Courier enterprises in accordance with the PRC Tort Liability Act article 34th of the provisions of the tort liability.

This year the national two sessions, the state Post Office director Junsheng said, electric tricycles become the key to restrict the development of express delivery, to push forward the establishment of national standards, so that express tricycle compliance on the road. The draft is also written in the relevant provisions of the request for public security, transportation and other departments at the county level with the Postal Administration Department, express special electric tricycle driving speed, loading quality and so on, and to express service vehicles to strengthen the unified numbering and logo management.

In addition, in response to the "road rights" caused by express vehicles disputes, soliciting comments on the one hand, the provision of legal protection of courier service vehicles and temporary docking rights, express service vehicles shall not be prohibited by law; At the same time also made a certain limit, the requirement to enter the enterprise institutions, residential community courier practitioners should abide by enterprises and institutions, residential district management units in the vehicle traffic, parking and other related provisions.