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Titanium Alloy Folding Bike Easy To Fit Into The Trunk
Sep 18, 2017

Burke 20 is a high-performance titanium alloy folding bike designed to be lightweight, fast and tough. Mike F Yap says it can fit into a suitcase in a matter of seconds and does not require any other tools, which can be said to be a super compact folding auto.

Burke 20 uses a simple but novel gravity-assisted double vertical folding design. Such a design can accurately calculate the hinge position and angle, allowing both front and rear wheels to collapse vertically toward the center frame without interference.

The weight of the bike itself also helps with the entire folding process, so it can be very fast and compact to fold. Half of the airline imposes a hefty surcharge on oversized baggage, and most of the folding bikes are not suitable for airline-compliant suitcases, but Burke 20 will solve the trouble for you.

The designer also mentioned that titanium may be the best material for folding bicycles, as it has many features such as high impact strength, corrosion resistance and life-long durability, and the use of titanium to build bicycles will be better adapted to urban traffic and harsh transportation regulations in international travel.

However, this design is still flawed, its shortcoming is mainly the frame hinge axis adopted the vertical orientation of the design. When we are on a normal ride, we tend to have a large bending stress on the main frame hinge and loosen the hinges, so we must use a strong clamping device to keep the hinges closed. As time goes on, hinges may have some problems due to the high bending force on the pivot. Another drawback is that folding requires an effort to move the front wheel assembly around the hinge horizontally about 180 degrees. There is no doubt that this is a rather cumbersome operation.