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Mobike Announced Its Entry Into Thailand
Sep 22, 2017

Following Singapore, Britain, Italy and Japan, Mobike announced its entry into Bangkok, Thailand, the 5th overseas country to be entered. For the first time, the company will provide two months of free service to new customers. Mobike has previously announced that the end of 2017 plans to enter the world's 200 cities, has reached 170 cities, now enter the Thai market, the goal is closer.

It is reported that Mobike in Thailand with the local telecommunications operators AIS, retail property developers still Thai group and the Thai Agricultural University cooperation. The first share of the bicycles will be on the Thai Agricultural University, which has a population of nearly 70,000, and will be extended to other parts of Thailand, including the retail property area owned by the Thai group. Under the auspices of Cathay Pacific World Shopping Center and Thai Agricultural University, Thai users are free to use the first two months of the motorcycle, followed by 10 baht (about 2 yuan) per 30 minutes.

The country has not yet developed a related infrastructure for the sharing of bicycles. Mobike will take into account the local weather, geography, humanities, population density, urban planning and basic information when choosing to land in the city. The city of Bangkok once had bicycle lanes, but was later allowed to be located in motor vehicle development. Mobike's development in Thailand can be drawn from previous experiences in Singapore and Manchester, where the infrastructure for cycling development is gradually established through coordination with local governments.

With the pace of the overseas speed of the motorcycle, the sharing of bicycles has achieved no national boundaries, the Chinese people can travel to and from anywhere, and foreign users can feel the charm of riding.