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Standard For Electric Balancing Vehicles
Sep 08, 2017

In recent years, electric balance car as a "transport artifact" in the country is very popular. I believe you have seen a lot of it in the streets of the agile figure. The thing that was originally used as a trendy toy is now a lot of commuters ' transportation. As the electric balance car is becoming more and more popular, the safety hidden trouble of it also makes the public have to pay attention to. For example, some businesses through the electric balance car modification, can be designed to the highest speed of 18 kilometers per hour balance car to 30 km. Because the electric balance car does not have any protection device, because the speed is too high traffic accident, the consequence is unimaginable.

This year, Beijing, Shanghai and other places to introduce relevant policies, a comprehensive ban on electric balance cars, electric skateboards and other illegal vehicles on the road. Recently, according to surging news reports, the first electric balance car standards are also fresh out of the oven.

In the supervision Department of Aqsiq, National Standardization Management Committee (hereinafter referred to as "GB Committee") and national certification and Accreditation Supervision and Management Committee (hereinafter referred to as "the JISC") support, Alibaba United Suning easy to buy, brand side and China Institute of Electrical Research and other domestic authoritative third-party certification bodies in Guangzhou set up a " The emerging Commodity Industry Standards Alliance, which covers data lines, electric balance cars and CarLog waits. The Government and the standard drafters hope to improve the self-discipline of the industry.

From the "Electric balance vehicle general technical conditions" can be seen, the standard by the Guangdong Product Quality Supervision and inspection Research Institute, Alibaba Co., Ltd., Guangdong Province electric car Chamber of Commerce, Shenzhen Music World Technology Co.

It is understood that there are currently 365 groups of community standards open to national social groups. "The emergence and iteration of emerging commodities tend to be faster than national and industry-standard updates." "Alibaba Group vice President Zhou and introduced. It is understood that "alliance-level standards" will continue to cover children's smart watches, eye-protection lights, and so on, and is expected to rise to national standards or industry standards.