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The Development Of Folding Electric Vehicle Battery
Aug 29, 2017

Battery is the first key to the development of folding electric vehicles, the automobile power battery is difficult in the "Low-cost requirements", "High capacity Requirements" and "High security requirements" and other three of requirements. To be used in a larger range of folding electric vehicles, to rely on advanced batteries after more than 10 years of screening, now generally bullish on NiMH batteries, iron batteries, lithium-ion and lithium polymer batteries. NiMH Battery unit weight storage energy than lead-acid batteries 1 time times, and other properties are better than lead-acid batteries. Iron Battery is a resource-rich, low-cost iron element materials, the cost has been significantly reduced. Lithium is the lightest, chemically active metal, lithium-ion battery unit weight storage for lead-acid batteries 3 times times, lithium polymer battery 4 times times, and lithium resources are rich, the price is not very expensive, is a promising battery.

The history of battery electric vehicles. The world's first folding electric car was born in 1881, the inventor of the French engineer, this is a lead-acid battery powered tricycle, and in 1873, by the British a Times battery powered by the invention of folding electric vehicles, and not included in the international recognition scope. Later, lead-acid batteries, nickel-cadmium batteries, nickel-hydrogen batteries, lithium-ion batteries, fuel cells as electricity.

Folding electric vehicles Other related technologies have made great progress in recent years, such as: AC induction motor and its control, rare earth Permanent magnet brushless motor and its control, battery and whole vehicle energy management system, intelligent and fast charging technology, low resistance tires, light weight and low wind resistance body, braking energy recovery and so on, the progress of these technologies make folding electric vehicles become more perfect and practical.