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The Most Interesting Folding Electric Bike Can Actually Be Stuffed Into A Backpack.
Aug 30, 2017

Folding bikes are common, electric bicycles are common, and folding electric bikes are common, but if you tell me now that you have a unique, lightweight and portable electric folding bike with smart features, are you a little bit of a heartbeat?

This is a very interesting product, such as the Jupiter Bike Electric folding bike, which started on the Indiegogo. Jupiter bike light, foldable, can even directly into the backpack, believe that with Jupiter bike to work, in addition to the subway, can be easily resolved from the subway station to the company's last kilometer problem. Jupiter Bike Safe and durable, providing a variety of protection measures, both men and women, can be very easy to use, suitable for work, school, Park play and walk when used. Jupiter Bike Folding process is very simple, first open the armrest, and then fixed, then remove the cushion. Then open the body and fasten the folding bolts.

Next is the most magical part of the Jupiter Bike design, continue to open the Jupiter bike body, the wheels will come out from the round body, into a complete bicycle. and want to Jupiter bike folding back to the same process, very convenient and easy to learn, everyone can learn. On the life side, Jupiter bike performance is also good, can cope with 30 kilometers within the trip, so it is very suitable to carry out. At present, Jupiter bike folding electric bicycle has begun to Indiegogo on the public, the target of 150,000 U.S. dollars, early bird price of 699 U.S. dollars (about 4700 yuan) onwards, if all goes well, is expected to ship in August 2017.