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The Rational Use Of The Battery
Feb 04, 2018

When the battery is connected in series, if the internal resistance of the battery is inconsistent, the voltage of the battery during charging and discharging will be inconsistent, which will ultimately cause the battery of the entire set to fail prematurely. Therefore, in the electric bicycle, the battery pack's consistency and consistency have a considerable impact on the service life of the battery. For consumers, how to use them reasonably will also affect the consistency of the battery to a certain extent, thus affecting the service life of the battery. According to the battery for many years of research and practical use, it is recommended that consumers use the following methods to use the battery properly.

(1) electric car riding speed: 20-25km / h.

(2) Riding distance: 10-30km / day, discharge depth less than or equal to 70% (once every 2 months for deep discharge).

(3) Charging frequency: once a day.

(4) load capacity: single ride (can carry a child under the age of 10).

According to the above method, good quality electric bicycles to normal use can reach 3-4 years, or even 5 years, and the battery can be used for about one and a half years. The shallower battery discharge depth, the longer the battery cycle life, the longer the battery life cycle. Therefore, consumers generally believe that the charge of a cycle of electricity is wrong, in order to make their own use of the battery life, you must always make the battery in a fully charged state, a long time power loss state, the battery negative plate Extremely salinization, resulting in loss of battery capacity, affecting battery life.