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The Battery Maintenance
Feb 05, 2018

Qualified battery for electric bikes after the battery factory manufacturers, the battery life and performance to some extent depends on the use and maintenance of consumers.

(1) charger and battery matching.

The battery for electric moped is flushed instead of bad, showing the importance of charger and battery matching. There are two situations here: one is that the new charger does not match the parameters provided by the battery manufacturer, and the other is charging The quality of the components of the device itself is poor, just started to use, still match, as consumers charge and discharge cycles, the charger itself as a result of temperature rise, aging components, resulting in charging voltage and conversion current drift, the battery is damaged .

(2) regular, timely replenishment.

Consumers often have a misunderstanding about the nominal cycle life of the instruction manual, saying that once the battery is fully charged, the life of the battery is reduced by one time, so every time the battery's power consumption reaches the controller's protection voltage of 31.5V, As everyone knows this can not only protect the battery, but also shorten the battery life. So to remind consumers, where possible, should promptly recharge the battery.

(3) It is forbidden to continue riding under the condition that the indicator light shows under-voltage. Some consumers riding halfway, the indicator shows the status of undervoltage, take a rest for a while riding a way, so a great harm to the battery, a serious over-discharge will make the battery salinization or lead generation Crystal, the battery short circuit, affecting life expectancy.

(4) electric bikes just started, climbing, overload should try to help.

(5) Rainy day riding, should try to avoid the switch and connector wet, to prevent leakage.