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General Technical Conditions For Electric Bicycles
Jan 17, 2018

"General technical conditions for electric bicycles" by the Shanghai Bicycle Group Institute drafted the National Bicycle Standardization Technical Committee responsible for the preparation, the State Quality and Technical Supervision approval, released on May 28, 1999, the same year, October 1 come into operation.

This standard applies to batteries as an auxiliary energy source, with two wheels, to achieve human riding, electric or electric assistance special bike. The technical content of this standard includes the main technical performance requirements of the vehicle, vehicle safety requirements, vehicle assembly requirements, vehicle appearance requirements, vehicle road travel requirements and manual requirements.

The maximum speed of 5.1.1 in this standard, 5.2.1 braking performance, 5.2.2 frame / fork assembly strength is compulsory provisions; the rest of the technical requirements are recommended terms.

Since the implementation of this standard date, China Light Industry Association released the original light industry standard "general technical conditions for electric bicycle safety" void.

Appendix A of this standard is a standard appendix.

This standard is proposed by the State Light Industry Bureau.

This standard by the National Bicycle Standardization Technical Committee.

This standard was drafted: Shanghai Bicycle Group Institute.

The main drafters of this standard: Ruan Zhicheng, Jiang Xiaoyun.

People's Republic of China National Standard GB 17761 a 1999

The following standards contain provisions that, through reference in this standard, constitute provisions of this standard. At the time of publication, the editions indicated were valid. All standards will be revised, the parties using this standard should explore the possibility of using the latest version of the following standards.

Bike safety requirements

Bicycle assembly requirements

Bicycle testing equipment and appliances technical conditions

Bicycle plating conditions

Bicycle paint technical conditions

Bicycle name and model preparation methods

Bicycle frame

Bicycle aluminum alloy anodizing technical conditions

Bicycle reflector