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Electric Vehicle Motor Composition Of The Structure
Jan 12, 2018

According to its use of the environment and the frequency of use of different forms. Different types of motors have different characteristics. At present, electric car motors commonly used permanent magnet DC motor. Electric vehicle motor in accordance with the form of power to the motor can be divided into brushless motor and brushless motor in two categories; in accordance with the mechanical structure of the motor assembly to points, generally divided into "toothed" (high motor speed, Deceleration) and "no tooth" (motor torque output without any deceleration) two categories.

By the stator poles, rotor, brush, shell and other components.Stator poles using permanent magnets (permanent magnet), ferrite, Alnico, NdFeB and other materials. According to its structure can be divided into several types of cylinder type and pad.

The rotor is generally made of laminated silicon steel sheet, enameled wire wound in the rotor core between the two slots (three slots that have three windings), the joints were welded to the commutator of the metal sheet.

Brush is connected to the power supply and rotor windings conductive parts, with conductive and wear two properties. Permanent magnet motor brush using a single metal or metal graphite brush, graphite brush.

By the stator core, magnet rotor, sun gear, deceleration clutch, hub shell and other components.
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A Hall sensor can be fitted on the motor cover to measure the speed.Position sensors are magnetic, photoelectric and electromagnetic three types.A brushless DC motor using a magnetic position sensor has a magnetosensitive sensing device such as a Hall element, a magneto-sensitive diode, a magneto-sensitive diode, a magneto-resistive resistor, or an application-specific integrated circuit mounted on a stator assembly, To detect permanent magnets, the rotor changes in the magnetic field generated. Multi-purpose electric car is a Hall element.

Photoelectric position sensor brushless DC motor, the stator assembly according to a certain location configuration photoelectric sensor, the rotor is equipped with a light shield, the light source for the light-emitting diode or a small light bulb. Rotor rotation, due to the role of shading, the photosensitive elements on the stator will be intermittent pulse signal at a certain frequency interval.