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Electric Bike Driver's License
Jan 16, 2018

China National Standardization Administration of the evening of December 6, 2009 issued a statement on the electric motorcycle standards, "general technical conditions for electric motorcycles and electric mopeds" new national standard stipulates that "40 kilograms, more than 20 kilometers per hour, electric bicycles , Will be referred to as light electric motorcycles or electric motorcycles, into the category of motor vehicles. This requirement will come into effect on January 1, 2010. This means that if this national standard is implemented, electric bicycle riding next year may have to pass a test driving license, on the card, buy insurance and a series of procedures. State Bureau of Quality Supervision, said the new national electric car non-mandatory implementation of the national standard.

Allegedly approved the release of the four "electric motorcycle standards" and "electric bicycle standards" clear boundaries, electric bicycles and electric mopeds are two distinctly different characteristics of the two products.

The statement said that in 1999 the "national standard for general technical conditions of electric bicycles" stipulated that the maximum design speed of electric bicycles shall not exceed 20 kilometers per hour and the mass (weight) of the whole vehicle shall not exceed 40 kilograms. The mileage after one charge shall not be renewed Less than 25 kilometers, there are riding functions. In addition, China's road traffic safety law stipulates that the maximum speed of electric bicycles traveling in non-motor vehicle roads shall not exceed 15 kilometers. At present, the purchase of electric bicycles that are used by consumers in accordance with the standards is a non-motor vehicle, and the owner does not have any problems such as the need to test the driver's license and the license plate on the motor vehicle.

The note said that in 2009 approved the release of "electric motorcycle and electric moped General technical conditions" and other four criteria is approved by the National Development and Reform Commission, Public Security Traffic Control and other departments agreed to amend the national standard system based on the standard Committee Motorcycle Branch extensive solicitation of opinions on the basis of relevant research institutes and experts repeatedly argued for many years developed.