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The History Of Eletric Bike
Jan 25, 2018

In 2014, Nisshin Electric Motor Co., Ltd. took the lead in launching the intelligent development of electric vehicles.

For the history of the development of electric bicycles in China, the industry generally recognized as three stages of development: the initial stage of electric bicycles, the initial stage of production scale, speeding stage of development.

The initial stage of electric bicycles is also known as the early experimental production phase of electric bicycles, from time to time, that is, from 1995 to 1999. This stage is mainly on the four pieces of electric bicycles, motors, batteries, chargers and controllers of key technologies to explore research. R & D and production mainly in spontaneous production companies gather information, tracking technology, market organization, small batch market trial launch, also makes the electric bike began to enter the consumer's perspective, and they are gradually recognized to accept. From a technical point of view, the early electric bike, the new battery can only drive about 30 km at a time, short battery life, poor climbing ability, easy to wear, and the motor is also brushless toothless motor. However, the accumulation of this period laid the foundation for the industrialization of today's scale in terms of personnel, technology and product research and development.

The second stage is called the first stage of production scale, because this period of time there are several opportunities to promote electric bicycles, making the difficult stage in the initial e-bike ushered in the spring, and more Is the development of the industry has entered a large scale, and the most valuable of these opportunities are the "prohibition order" in various cities and the "SARS" in 2003,

This period of time is generally recognized as the period from 2000 to 2004, during which time, as the breakthroughs in key technologies and the continuous improvement of the performance of electric bicycles, electric bicycles to become a motorcycle and bicycle Alternative products, which are fast, environmentally friendly, convenient and inexpensive, also stimulate the market's appeal for electric bicycles. In the growing market demand, the previously R & D and manufacturing enterprises rapidly rise, some new enterprises are also beginning to enter, and their investment in electric bicycles is also increasing, making the rapid expansion of production capacity. What's more, companies that have been rapidly gaining momentum during this time are generous operations that have thrown behind the older generation of R & D manufacturing enterprises. However, some well-known brands represented by the scale of enterprises have been formed, but also in accordance with the differences between north and south, but also formed within the industry Wuxi, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Tianjin, represented by the three major industrial clusters.

The third stage is from 2005 to the present, this stage is China's electric bike speeding stage of development, the industry jokingly called "the stage of spraying." During this time period, with the fierce competition among enterprises which greatly stimulated the progress of technology and the proliferation of new technologies, the technical level of the whole industry has been greatly improved, the battery life and capacity increased by 35%, the motor from a single brush Tooth motor into brushless high efficiency motor mainstream, life expectancy increased by 5 times, efficiency increased by nearly 30%, climbing and loading capacity increased by about 3.5 times. While the performance is improving, the manufacturing cost is also greatly reduced, and the price power is reduced to 21% of the original value. In the controller system and the charging system, the technical level is also greatly increased. Especially in the battery technology and motor technology have made great progress, the lead-acid batteries for electric vehicles in the technological breakthroughs have been leading the world, and formed a day to the ultra-Granville as the leading Zhejiang Changxing plate, Kang Lien, Shuangdeng as the representative of the Jiangsu plate and Ruida as the representative of the Guangdong plate. The battery also has a single lead-acid battery evolved into many types of high-performance batteries, and the emergence of lithium batteries, more driven electric bike, especially the development of simple models. In the motor, the invention of permanent magnet brushless motor, so that the pace of development of the industry significantly accelerated. The key to motor performance is the performance of ferromagnetic materials. Among all kinds of permanent magnetic materials, the performance of rare earth permanent magnetic materials is the most superior. China is recognized as a world leader in rare earth resources and rare earth products manufacturing power. As the rare earth ferromagnetic material has good performance, low price and strong manufacturing capability, the BLDC (Brush