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The New Standard Leads Our Country Electric Bicycle Profession High Quality Development
Jan 18, 2018

China is the world's largest electric bicycle production and sales of the largest country, the current total population of about 200000000 vehicles, annual output of more than 3000 million. The current mandatory national standard "General technical conditions for electric bicycles" (GB17761-1999) promulgated in 1999. In recent years, many electric bicycle products gradually become bigger and bigger, more and more heavy, faster and faster, some of the indicators beyond the provisions of the current standards, the masses are called "over-standard car."

"Beyond standard car" is gradually approaching electric moped in product performance, but the safety performance is poor, traffic safety hidden danger caused a large number of casualties, but also due to the poor fire retardant performance of some electric bicycles in recent years triggered The fire has gradually increased, causing numerous major casualties and property damage accidents on numerous occasions. Therefore, there is an urgent need to strengthen the management of electric bicycles and to effectively protect people's lives and property by revising existing standards.

In February 2017, the National Standards Commission issued a revision plan for the national standards for electric bicycles, officially launching the revision of the national standard for electric bicycles. In March, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Ministry of Public Security, State Administration for Industry and Commerce and 4 departments of the State Commission of Standards and Technology set up a working group to start the revision of mandatory national standards for "general technical conditions for electric bicycles".

On January 16, 2018, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Ministry of Public Security, State Administration of Industry and Commerce and National Standards Institute held a press conference in Beijing to announce the formal approval of the new GB "Electric Bicycle Safety Specifications" for electric bicycles to the public. At the same time, the relevant department in charge of 4 departments and experts from China Light Industry Federation and China Electronics Standardization Institute have read the draft of the new national standard for approval.

Q: How to improve the safety performance of electric bicycle after the new standard is implemented?

A: The new standard is forced to change from the original part of the article mandatory full text; the second is targeted to increase the fire safety performance, flame retardant performance, charger protection and other security content; the third is the maximum speed and battery protection against tampering (Anti-modification) requirements; Fourth, the dimensions of the outline made clear the front and rear wheel center distance, body width and saddle length and other indicators; Fifth, increased watertight performance requirements to ensure rainy riding Of the electrical safety; six is to increase the speed of tone; seven is to increase and improve the preparation of the manual requirements.