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The Knowledge Of Yikebike
Feb 07, 2018

It is an innovative electric bike with a design concept derived from a small bicycle with a large front wheel and a large rear wheel, giving people a distinctive feel. Riders can sit upright, put their hands on the side of the helm, fingers operating the accelerator and brakes, and feet firmly on the footstool, the maximum speed of up to 12 miles per hour (about 20 kilometers per hour). Riders save a lot of physical effort by not having to pedal hard. YikeBike weighs about 20 pounds (about 9 kg), the use of lithium-phosphate battery can be filled within 20 minutes 80% of the electricity. The car is a new type of electric car that combines the dual benefits of folding bicycles and electric bicycles. As planned, the first hundred YikeBike will be ready for the road in New Zealand, England and some other European countries in mid-2010.