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The Knowledge Of Fixie Bike
Feb 27, 2018

Fixie Bike born in the field bike, the flywheel fixed on the hub can not be free to rotate, and the common one-way freewheeling city car, road bike, mountain bike distinction. The source of the word "Fixie Bike" is an objective description of the feature of flywheel fixation.

The fundamental difference between Fixie Bike and other types of bikes is the flywheel difference. The one-way freewheel design of the bike, also known as live car. The only way to distinguish between Fixie Bike and orther bikes is to observe whether the flywheel is a dead flywheel. Fixie Bike transmission system does not support one-way taxiing, reverse braking on the foot to complete the brake. Unlike live-fly bikes, the rear-wheel brake system is inherently due to the characteristics of the dead flywheel, and the handbrake is not a required part. Some of the Fixie Bike on the market is not equipped with handbrake.

Fixie Bike braking can reverse the role of foot, auxiliary brake. Reverse body pedaling pedal pedal can be reversed.

Fixie Bike design tends to be simple. Fixie Bike is usually a single-speed gear not equipped with front and rear derailleurs, with a fixed gear ratio; parts that may cause injury to players can not be retrofitted due to some rules of access for some Fixie Bike; Mud board, car locks, bell and other components.