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How To Choose A Suitable Electric Bike
Mar 19, 2018

I. The choice of reputation of brand and after-sales service.

Brand is the sign of quality, different brand the different levels of quality, consumer is when the choose and buy must choose by the authoritative department detection, and the practice has proved that the quality is reliable, low repair rate, good after-sales service, high credibility of the brand.

II. Selection of electric car style and configuration.

Optional configuration: the four components of electric vehicle are: motor, battery, controller, charger.

1. In the driving mode, it is advisable to take comprehensive consideration to choose the way of small loss, low energy consumption and high efficiency;

There are three main types of motor: brushless high-speed motor, brushless motor, brushless motor.

High speed motor, high power, strong climbing ability, suitable for long distance running.

Low speed motor with low efficiency, high power consumption and shorter range, this motor is suitable for the smooth road, the rider is lighter, and the riding can help the consumers.

The brushless motor needs current commutation, the controller is easy to burn, and the reliability is transferred from the motor to the controller.

High speed is nearly double the price of low speed motor.

2. The battery is divided into: 36v, 48v, 64v, etc.;

According to the capacity: 10ah, 12ah, 14ah, 20ah, etc.

According to type: lead acid, nickel hydrogen, lithium battery.

The battery is a combination of voltage and capacity. Some cars are equipped with 36v12ah, some with 48v12ah or 20ah, some with 64v20ah, which vary greatly in capacity, mileage and price.

The purpose of buying an electric bicycle is to make it clear that it is a means of commuting, not too high.

3. The charger and controller are also very different in terms of quality, price and performance.

The charger is not original, but must be paid attention to when buying.

3. Selection of functional styles.

Currently, electric bikes are generally divided into three types: standard, multi-function and luxury, which can be selected according to actual needs and economic conditions.

Iv. Key points to choose from the car purchase site.

1. Choose the appropriate specifications, styles and colors according to my needs and preferences;

2. Set up the parking bracket and check the appearance to see if the paint is peeling, the plating is bright, the seat cushion, the bag rack, the foot, the steel ring, the handle, the net basket are in good condition;

3. Under the guidance of the seller, operate according to the instructions.

Try electric door key and battery lock, safe and reliable, convenient to use.

If the battery key is tight, use the other hand to push the battery to the next pressure with the other hand.

Open the electric door, turn the shift knob, check the effect of stepless speed change and brake, and check whether the motor running sound is smooth and normal.

Wheel rotation should be flexible, without the sense of lag, the controller's power display is normal, the variable speed transition is smooth, the start has no impact, the wheel hub turns the sound soft, without impact;

4. The multi-function and luxury electric vehicles should also check whether all functions are in good condition.

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