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How To Mastering Bicycle Technology
Mar 09, 2018

Bicycle tourism, especially long-distance travel, is important for mastering bicycle technology. The purpose is to save physical strength and ensure safety. The adjustment of bicycle seats is an important aspect of bicycle technology. What height is the best for a bicycle seat? From rolling up the net, it is generally understood that a low pedestal with a 5-10 degree backward inclination is most convenient for long-distance travel. Because the low seat has a lot of benefits: First, the low seat brake is flexible, and the different parts of the foot can be used to rotate in turn. This will allow the various muscles of the foot to take turns to rest and prolong their durability. Second, the seat is low, and the position of the person is relatively low. , can reduce air resistance, but also easy to Fu on the handlebars, improve air flow; Third, the low seat, slightly backward, can make the body straight, buttocks uniform force, reduce fatigue, but also can reduce arms The burden is to protect the wrist; Fourth, the seat is lower than for safety, in case of emergency, the legs can be straightened to the ground, so as to avoid the danger. Therefore, the adjustment of the seat when traveling should be based on the best low seat, which is great for maintaining strength, speed, and stamina. In addition, it is also very important to choose proper speed for bicycle tours. In general, ordinary bicycles, where long-distance travel under conditions of normal physical strength and flat road conditions, should be maintained at a speed of about 15 kilometers per hour, and physical strength can be accelerated to 20 kilometers per hour. Bicycle tourism is keeping your speed, choosing the right speed, avoiding sudden and sudden jolts, energetically trying to ride, and boring. No matter whether it is a mountain path or a long, steep downhill road, the speed of the car should not be too fast nor too slow, and it should be chosen according to local conditions.