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The Definition Mile Of Electric Bicycle
Mar 05, 2018

The definition mile of electric bicycle sequel is as follows: "When the new battery is fully charged, the rider weights to 75 kg and rides on a flat second-class road without strong winds and rides until the battery voltage is less than 10.5V / Power off, in the above conditions, the resulting mileage is known as electric bicycle renewal mileage.

Generally equipped with 36-volt 12 A · high-quality batteries of the brand-name electric bicycles renewal mileage of about 45-60 km are nominal, and some manufacturers nominal will rise to 70-80 km, there are false propaganda Suspected. Because reaching this nominal value indicates that the efficiency of its motor than the brand-name factory motor efficiency increased by nearly 40%. If the efficiency of a motor produced by a brand-name factory at the working state described above is 75%, the efficiency of the motor of a nominal 70-80 km factory has reached over 100%, which is obviously not possible, which reminds me The majority of consumer attention.

In actual use, enough electricity in the end can drive a few kilometers? This is related to many factors, and manufacturers are mainly related to the efficiency characteristics of the battery capacity and life characteristics, and other objective factors related to the factors: the rider The weight of the road, often riding the road conditions, the need for frequent use of brakes, cycling habits and so on. Another problem that needs to be reminded to consumers is that the battery capacity will gradually decrease with the increase of the usage time, and the distance that sufficient electricity can travel will also decrease. When the maximum travel distance of the old battery can not meet the traffic of one day When needed, consider shipping the battery for maintenance or replacement.