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The Development Of Electric Bike
Feb 05, 2018

1. China's electric bicycle has always been the world leader in the application of torque sensor technology and integrated circuit controller technology. The powerful enterprises have already applied the integrated electronics and digital technologies to the components of controllers, motor valve control, charging control, etc. Type electric bicycle will be the commanding height of future development.

2. Traditional lead-acid batteries as a result of secondary pollution, its own weight, charging speed is slow, short life and become a fatal weakness of electric bicycles. China's nickel-metal hydride battery technology has gradually matured, once the safety of lithium batteries to solve the problem, but also can be popularized. Technology-leading electric bicycle manufacturers to increase research on new energy sources, reduce the cost of new batteries, electric bicycles to a stronger "source of life."

3. Strengthen the research on charging technology, greatly improve the charging efficiency, extend the battery life. According to relevant experts, 80% of damaged batteries in the market are damaged by poor quality chargers. China has started high-tech companies in this area, the conventional charge to amplitude pulse and digital control technology to effectively control the battery during the charge of water loss, to ensure a balanced charge and improve the battery life.

4. The high-tech composites and high-strength light alloy materials will be more used in the manufacture of electric bicycles. In the successful application of aluminum alloy materials, the use of titanium, chromium molybdenum steel and other light, high strength materials and carbon fiber and other polymer composite materials. Increase the intensity of electric bicycles, reduce the weight of electric bicycles. Make the bike's performance and manufacturing processes have undergone revolutionary changes.

5. We will step up research on electric bicycle motors, develop energy-efficient motors that use new types of energy, and compensate motors with high efficiency to further improve the energy efficiency of electric bicycles.

6. Accelerate the application of new international technologies and materials, and adopt nano-materials in the production of tires, batteries and accessories, making the electric bicycle lighter, faster and traveling farther.

7. More extensive use of computers and microelectronics technology in the design of electric bicycles product, mold processing and production process, and continuously improve the degree of automation and production process to improve production technology.

8. Electric bicycle manufacturers and national institutes, universities and colleges, to enhance the scientific and technological content of products, the formation of independent intellectual property rights of technology and products, continue to be in the world of electric bicycle technology to maintain its leading position.