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Electric Vehicle Controller
Jan 11, 2018

Electric vehicle controller is used to control the electric car motor start, run, advance and retreat, speed, stop and other electronic components of the electric car core control device, it is like the brain of electric cars, electric cars is an important component. For the moment, electric vehicles mainly include electric bicycles, electric motorcycle, electric tricycle, electric tricycle, electric four-wheelers and battery cars. The electric vehicle controllers also have different performances and characteristics because of different models .

Motor lock system: In the alert state, the controller automatically locks the motor when the alarm, the controller has almost no power consumption, no special requirements for the motor, the battery under voltage or other abnormal circumstances, the normal implementation of the electric car without any impact.

Self-test function: sub-dynamic self-test and static self-test, the controller as long as the power state, it will automatically detect the associated interface state, such as turn, brake or other external switches, etc., in the event of failure, control Automatic implementation of protection, fully guarantee the safety of riding, when troubleshooting the protection status of the controller will automatically recover.

Anti-charging function: braking, deceleration or downhill taxiing EABS generated energy feedback to the battery, the anti-charging effect, thus the battery maintenance, extend battery life, increase the renewal mileage.