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The car does not go. How to deal with
Jul 25, 2017

(1) check the electric car battery output is normal. Such as the end of the output to prove that the battery is bad. Urgent need to replace the battery

(2) pull the brake line. Such as the car to prove that the rotation to kill the need to replace the kill or repair the use of the table and the amount of money to kill the pass is the "

(3) check the handle with a short wire to turn the wire and the signal line, such as the car to prove that the rotation of the need to replace or repair. Turn on the power to turn the handle with the universal meter amount and the line and the signal line has a positive 5V <1-4> turn handle

(4) whether the controller is good or bad can be used to turn the line of the 5V short connection, such as turn to turn the controller no problem the most simple way to smell the controller has no charred taste there is proof that the controller is bad

(5) check the motor is good or bad motor carbon brush contact is also false also caused a little do not go

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