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How to repair electric car motor brush and brushless
Jul 25, 2017

(1) brush motor with universal meter amount of words to prove that the motor is good nowhere to bad

(2) Brushless motor eight with the line were black and red yellow, green, blue and yellow large green large blue run out of the table to the red pen amount of the black line with black pen amount of three with a small line were blocked between 650-750 proof There is no problem with the motor

(3) electric car brush motor is generally replaced before the opening of the carbon brush to change the friction between the switch and the carbon brush is not the case of false, then use sandpaper friction switch and carbon brush to keep the same distance

(3) turn on the motor Note the motor line package do not rub the line package to avoid damage to the package

Do not use iron things stick to the magnet so as not to cause the magnet to break

(4) brushless motor replacement Hall should pay attention to the connection of the Hall line is the first time it is best to get off the line with a welding to avoid a welding error welding with 502 first stick with the use of AB glue stick So as to avoid the occurrence of a solid phenomenon

(5) magnetic steel dip magnet attention to the spindle and magnet on the plastic clear and clean

With the magnet and the magnet should be put in the opposite direction of the plastic and then stick

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