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Electric scooter development
Jul 25, 2017

Will be held in October 27, 2014 in Sanya opened the curtain of the 2014 China (Sanya) poker tournament tournament and the World Poker Tour China (hereinafter referred to as WPT China) continued to heat up, the organizers of the company came the news, the The game will once again introduce high-tech products - the United States Coolpeds electric scooter, 2014WPT event staff will drive Coolpeds city agent, for the participants to provide more efficient, more quality services. Lianzhong poker world

The girl will also drive this innovative transport to and from the scene, together with the participants feel the new "technology traffic", in addition to 12 月 27 日 12:00, Coolpeds will bring a title playoffs, 2014WPT add more exciting

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